New Deal 10 Year Anniversary

I can’t wait! I’m getting my party pants on. As my readers may know, I love supporting local distillers and do so almost exclusively (except with tequila, obv.) I also REALLY REALLY REALLY love New Deal.

From their Facebook Page

Ten years of creating original craft spirits is cause for celebration! Join us at the distillery along with many of our longtime partners for an unforgettable celebration on Saturday, July 12th, 5-10pm.

From 5-7pm, enjoy BBQ deliciousness from Smokehouse 21, pour-over ice cream cocktails featuring Salt & Straw Ice Cream‘s summer flavors, a New Deal craft cocktail menu concocted by our favorite bar mavens atMerit Badge with help from Pok Pok Som and DRY Soda Co., plus a Bloody Mary Garnish Bar from Yelp Portland and Unbound Pickling. Munch on boozy popcorn snacks featuring New Deal spirits from Masala Popthroughout the evening.

We’ll be unveiling our new Aged Rum in the Tasting Room and commemorative merchandise, including a surprise collaboration with Maak Lab and new summer t-shirts and tanks.

From 7-8pm, we’ll have a special Anniversary Edition of Comedy & Cocktails. Your hosts for the evening will be Jason Traeger and Brandy Feit–both veterans of the PDX comedy scene and vital members of the New Deal Crew. Join us in welcoming Portland’s top comedic talent, including Sean Jordan, Anthony Lopez, Katie Nguyen and Veronica Heath.

At 8pm, celebrate with an Anniversary Toast featuring desserts by Saint Cupcake and Salt and Straw’s Spicy Monkey Banana Walnut Ice Cream, made with our Hot Monkey Pepper-Flavored Vodka.

Stay until 10pm and dance the night away while DJ Dickel of The Dickel Brothers spins songs and tunes from around the world, recorded between 1900-1945.

Admission is free. RSVP here. Cheers!


Tuaca Oatmeal Cookies…directly from heaven (can be gluten free and vegan!)

zen cookie

from the folks at

This has nothing to do with booze except for the fact that if you make them, you might want to hide them so that drunk you doesn’t eat a whole batch. As it is, you might want to put them in a time-locked capsule that will only allow you to open it every 12 hours and remove one cookie. Not like I’m the cookie police.

Oh, and the Tuaca. Who needs vanilla extract when there is Tuaca in the world.


1 1/2 Cup Trader Joes Gluten-Free Oats (uncooked) or other oats if you don’t worry about such things
1 1/2 Cup GF all purpose flour (again, regular flour is ok too)
Couple shakes cinnamon, maybe some nutmeg
Half a shot of  Tuaca (if you don’t have Tuaca, vanilla extract will have to do).
1/4 tsp baking soda
1 pinch sea salt
1/2 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup coconut oil (I love coconut oil in baking, it’s so moist and sticky it’s easy not to use eggs)
1 egg if you think it’s necessary
A small banana would be nice, well ripened. If you are not using the egg, definitely use the banana but you can use both.

Mix ingredients. If you decide not to use the egg, you can totally eat the cookie dough to your heart’s delight but the raw oats may prove to be an obstacle. Anyway, I eat some of it. A little cookie dough, a little nip of Tuaca. Make them as big as you want, just remember the time-locked capsule principle. If you make them pancake size and eat 2 of them, that’s on you buster. Bake at 375 for about 10 minutes and you’re golden. You probably want to leave them sit for about five minutes so they don’t fall apart but you may not be able to wait that long.

Made Marion, Let Us Kiss With Tongues: 2Towns Ciderhouse Summer Seasonal

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9 Breweries, 9 holes– Brewvana’s Putt Putt Drink Drink 5/18

This Saturday 5/15, starting at noon, Portland brewery tour company Brewvana, will host their most adventurous tour yet–Putt Putt Drink Drink. The tournament brings the giddy fun of miniature golf to nine of the awesome craft breweries that have made Portland the #1 beer city in the US. $55 gets you in the tourney and you get to show off your sweet mini-golf moves and deck out in your craziest golf outfit (whatever that means to you).

Each brewery will be constructing their own mini-golf holes (will windmills be involved? I wonder…) Tickets also include a swag bag with tasting mug, T-shirt, nine 6-oz beer tokens (redeemable at any of the hole locations), transportation between various holes, invitation to the after party and awards ceremony at Blitz Ladd, scorecard, map and pretzel necklace.

Winners receive prizes at the after-party. Categories are: lowest score, best outfit and for the breweries, most inventive hole.

Breweries include: Laurelwood Public House & Brewery, Lompoc 5th Quadrant, Base Camp Brewing, EastBurn, Coalition Brewing, The BeerMongers, Bazi Bierbrasserie, Amnesia Brewing and Blitz Ladd.

Got questions? Check out the Putt Putt Drink Drink FAQ

Sign up in advance and pick your rules and regulations packet up on Friday

And give a shout to me at Laurelwood Public House and Brewery (I’ll be the one keeping score).

Portland Distiller’s Row

New Deal Vodka Line

(c) New Deal Distillery

The craft distillery scene in Portland is so massive that it even has its own guild, started with seed money from the state of Oregon. For me, having come from a Pennsylvania, a state (er, Commonwealth), with  punitive liquor laws, to see Portland’s magical guild of micro-distilleries and state-funded togetherness threw me for a loop. Really? The state is helping someone sell booze and treating the distilling process as an art? Not the liquor control board I know.

Oregon isn’t the only state with guilds for artisinal distillers, but they certainly appear to be the best organized and most articulate about their mission–to bring their craft liquor to as many people as possible. Their branding is hip, well-considered and well-placed, which gives them a craft edge with the brand credibility of a major.

What strikes me as uniquely Portland about the distillers and their guild is their willingness to work as a collective of companies even though they have potentially competing products. The global liquor conglomerates don’t usually do this. They tend to have one line each of whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila and maybe a few bourbons or different price point lines of one spirit.

It’s an industry with cutthroat competition at its very core (think of the fact that the prohibition era incubated organized crime as we know it). However, this ragtag group of distillers all just want to get along, bonding over their passion for the craft. OK, it might not be as touchy-feely as all that. In working together, the distillers hope to get bulk buying power, more visibility and the ability to reach a broader customer base.

This is a smart move. The aforementioned global conglomerates all have ginormous operating and marketing budgets and can take out consecutive ads on the back of Rolling Stone (not cheap).In reality, as individual brands, these micro-distillers (or at least the best of them) may as well roll over to Beam Global now and all of the craft will go out of the relationship.

This brave new world of spirits leaves me with a challenge. I have to try them all! How? It will be a job of work but I will muscle through it.