On Tap: Hopworks Deluxe Organic Ale

hub_doaAccording to some people, Portland is the #1 craft beer city in the US. It makes this recent transplant retroactively proud (having come from city #6). There are 52 active breweries in the city. 52.

Hopworks Urban Brewery is one of them. Like many Portland-based businesses, Hopworks is dedicated to making itself as sustainable as possible, minimizing footprints of all kinds. Between water conservation, energy efficiency and composting, they have got the bases covered. Also, their ingredients are organic and locally sourced. I don’t know if that’s Portland organic or Oregon organic but nonetheless. The eco-friendliness extends to the brewpubs as well. It’s impressive. I take even more pride in living in a city in which the businesses really focus on keeping their eco-footprints neutral.

BUUUT enough with the tree-huggery (for now) and on to the beer.

Hopworks Deluxe Organic Ale is that mysterious style–the American strong ale. Sharing the stage with Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale and many other brews that age in bourbon-soaked oak bottles, the ABV is a husky, musky 6.9%. My personal sweetheart Yard’s Thomas Jefferson Ale (85 my ass, Beer Advocate reviewers) is the British version of this style and the overall profile is not dissimilar–neutral yet robust with a mild caramel linger, a scootch of hop and a boozy undertow. Me likey.

It’s a fairly sessionable ale but it will sneak up on you and make your head all warm and fuzzy so watch it.

Beer Profiler: Strong, handsome if a bit old school. A silver fox.

Best  Use: Great for a cool nigh,t perhaps fireside better yet if it’s a campfire with some sophisticated friends. You don’t need many and it warms up nicely so it’s ok to sip.

On Netflix: 
Dollhouse. Why do they always take the good ones too young? Two seasons? What did Joss Whedon do anyway, sleep with the wrong person’s sister?