Made Marion, Let Us Kiss With Tongues: 2Towns Ciderhouse Summer Seasonal

Nothing says early summer in Oregon like Marionberries. Or so I’m learning. 2Towns Ciderhouse is an amazing craft cider brewery that pulls off high alcohol ciders that are not cloyingly sweet and don’t taste like perfume. During the summer, they gift us with their Made Marion, a seasonal that is reminiscent of a nice, tart framboise but doen’t taste like a sugary soda. 2Towns has a magical way of keeping the fruit but completely neutralizing the sweetness. They do this with the pear in their Pearidise and the spiced apples in their extra special high alcohol brew Bad Apple.

With Made Marion, the ruby-colored cider bursts with ripe berry but the sweetness doesn’t build up like it does in some hard ciders. I could completely imagine sipping this brew from champagne glasses, ice cold, during a solo picnic in mid-July. Bring it, summer.

Setting: Outside somewhere you can see Mt. Hood and feel your toes in the grass. Giant sunglasses and, freshly painted toenails and floppy hat not required but why not?

Eats: Pear and apple wedges, some local artisinal cheese and a fresh Summer Vegetable Quinoa Salad.

Summer Reads: The Ocean at the End of the Lane Neal Gaiman


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