Omission Gluten-Free IPA

I feel bad for the gluten sensitive who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, particularly Washington and Oregon. You can get a gluten free burger bun at a fast food chain. It’s absolutely brilliant.

And then there’s Omission Beer, brewed by the Widmer Brothers Brewing Company in Portland, Oregon. It is a thing of beauty.

Honestly, I thought I’d never get a good “real” beer again. I have tried sorghum based gluten-free beers and hey, some of them were not bad (a big shout out to Dogfish Head  in Delaware and Greens from the UK) but there was a certain suspension of disbelief required to thoroughly enjoy the beer like it is a beer. (Like said burger bun.)

I am a beer-loving person. I have been for quite some time. The fact that I will never have a La Chouffe again makes me cry on the inside. But when I tasted Omission IPA I almost cried on the outside. No suspension of disbelief, no sorghum. I wish that every bar in Portland carried Omission. I wish every bar everywhere carried it. Drinking liquor, which obviously I enjoy, can be quite expensive and most bars aren’t very adventurous with their ciders.

Omission is so indiscernible from other beers that I rate the IPA in the same class as other West Coast IPAs. It has a strong cascade hop presence that is counterbalanced by a subtle malt. It has an effervescent mouthfeel missing in almost every other gluten free beer I have had. It is robust like a lumberjack, a beer built for a hop-head.  It is a quality beverage.

You will never find an omission beer on draft because these guys are serious about staying true to their claims. Beer lines present the danger of cross-contamination and Omission will have none of that. They send samples of each beer to an independent lab to have it tested for gluten labels before they bottle and ship it. It shows a real dedication to people with gluten sensitivities and a serious love for the craft.

They also have a pale ale and a lager that I haven’t tried yet. I am so impressed with their IPA that I’m looking forward to it.


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