Five Tequilas no Bar Should be Without

I’m not going to lie to you. This blog should be called the tequilawormgirlblog or something stupid like that but I fell in love with ginsoaked and couldn’t let it go. Tequila, the intoxicating nectar of the Cactus is unique, sexy and very difficult to pair in any simple effective way. You have gin and tonic, vodka soda, whiskey coke, seven and seven…yadda yadda. I’ve tried tequila and seven but uh-uh. Nobody’s blowing their marketing wad on that.

It is a very special liquor for cocktailing. It doesn’t subordinate itself to other liquors so drinks with tequila usually feature the tequila–except for commercially made margaritas where the sugary lime sour almost completely masks the flavor of the tequila. No way Jose. (Sorry about that.)

First of all, it’s important to find a tequila that tastes good as-is. Tossing some rail garbage into the mix is not acceptable. The following tequilas are moderately priced enough that there is no reason to scrimp. This is weighted on the side of blancos ad reposados. I will get into anejos later. Those are not to be toyed with.

Correleo BlancoCorellejo Blanco

This tequila speaks to me. It is such a great mixing tequila because of its fairly neutral yet really round flavor. This is a tequila that I am excited to see represented in a bar. It’s not super common but I will get it every time. With club and a Cointreau floater.

Crafted simply to showcase the Blue Weber Agave, I can taste the attention to detail. It doesn’t slam you in the face but like a good German or British beer, the point is not to “wow” with a shtick but to balance perfectly. It makes a hell of a shot. I’ll leave the splendor to the Anejos.

Other Tequilas of Note

Such a deal for the price. Another fairly neutral tequila that makes a great shot and a great margarita or mixer. It’s got an agave bounce that I really like.

Don Julio Blanco
A little pricier than the other blancos but Don Julio has a little more heft. I would prefer it in a margarita rather than as a shot but I wouldn’t deny it as a sipper either.

Cazadores Reposado
A very light bodied reposado that is excellent for shooting. It is the tequila of the people and should not be ignored. The deer is ubiquotous in the bars in Oregon, much to my pleasure because bars don’t usually pay much attention to their tequila selection and I’m hooked on the sauce.

El Jimador Reposado
Another thrifty reposado that has a slight sweetness and a bit of oak. The brand started as a humble mixtos but came up in the world with 100% pure agave. Now it stays in a manageable price range with a far more developed quality.


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