The Magnificient Wine Co., Steak House Cabernet, Northwest Wines Under $15

Upshot: Buy as many of these bottles as fast as you can and hide them from others

Talk about under $15! We scored the 2010 Steak House Cabernet for 9 bucks. Its fat-font label already captured my imagination, but a handwritten declaration of love by a QFC* employee sealed the deal. After having drunk it on more than one occasion, I do declare that Steak House deserves that level of devotion.

Bearie on the Bottle, the Usual Story

Bearie on the Bottle, the Usual Story

A robust berry trails the wine from first taste to evaporation– blueberry, raspberry and black currant–they all show their faces in this undeniably drinkable crowd-pleaser of a wine. The slight thorniness that bristles mid-drink is assuaged by the ripeness of the berry and the full finish. Barbecue sauce? Did I get a hint of barbecue sauce? I think so.

Aerated, this might be a total hottie. As is, it’s no joke. Like a porterhouse, this is more than satisfying. You may even need a to-go box.  Or, rather, a to-go case. To take home with you. And stash it. In your temperature controlled basement. With the imp. (Just a note, despite memes that suggest otherwise, Tyrion Lannister is not a pimp. He’s a john. Although who knows what will happen in the next season.)

Best Use: DIY “fancy” steakhouse dinner with yer honey.

Soundtrack:  Sly and the Family Stone or Al Green if you’re getting frisky.

Food Pairing:  Spend the money you save on an overpriced Malbec on free-range grass-fed Western beef, garlic rapini and a goat cheese mash!

*QFC is a grocery store chain on the West Coast.


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