Columbia Valley: The Jack, A Red Blend under $15


Saviah The Jack Red Blend 2010

Upshot: It’s a brave new world so try something new.

The label sold me on this one. You had me at the $14 buy-in, you one-eyed scamp. Grown and vinted in Walla Walla, Washington, in the Columbia River Valley, The Jack red blend is an elegant,  if not fully realized, expression of the region. But what do you want for under $15?

There is an appropriate dose of Marionberry on the inhale. For those who haven’t been introduced, the  Marionberry is a juiced up blackberry, a heritage blend of the ‘Chehalem‘ and ‘Olallie‘ families. It’s quite good and makes hella jam on toast. The berry splash is followed by an edgy spice, like licking a cinnamon stick that fades into a vanilla bean. Give Jack some time to breathe in order to mellow the overt tannic edge. That said, the dryness could represent the spartan and underrated quality of the Cabernet Franc. It doesn’t make up the lion’s share of the blend but makes its presence known.

Best Use: Girl’s Book Group, pairs well with the new Chuck Palahniuk, sharp and pointed, if a little “voicy.”

Soundtrack: The new Depeche Mode
Food Pairing: Carne Asada tacos with toasted-cumin black beans and ample guacamole.

78% Cabernet Sauvignon
18% Merlot
4% Cabernet Franc


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