West Coast Wines Under $15 — Introducing Pinot Noir

Sideways ruined Pinot Noir for me the way Swingers ruined second-wave-swing-ska-punk or whatever THAT genre was. OK, that’s an admittedly bad analogy.  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy would never have been my “thing” regardless of the breakaway indie blockbuster. It’s that in-your-face-optimism. Color me Smiths.

Anyway, the east coast girl in me never really got behind the black pinot, partly because of its delicate flower of a back-story and partly because of the spike in price per bottle that accompanied it. Then I moved west and some things changed–like my metrics for pizza, my tolerance for cascade hops and my interest in Pinot Noir…

And that’s all a forward to my current project: West Coast Wines under $15.


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