Summer Cocktails: The Yellow Sapphire ala Morimoto

Morimoto restaurant in Philadelphia has garnered fame thanks to its Iron Chef Morimoto Masaharu who is best known for being the third to win Japan’s flaying and splaying competition. The restaurant, in typical Stephen Starr fashion is ultra-high concept with its wavy walls and glowing tables which slowly change colors during your meal.  Eating at Morimoto is like dining inside a submarine cruise-ship that took a detour to Frogstar World B.

Fortunately the fish aren’t happily offering themselves up to be eaten by patrons of Morimoto (because that would just be creepy), but they are ALMOST that fresh. We got ourselves the octopus carpaccio and edamame to start and the mid-level chef’s sushi platter as the main dish.

The question of what to drink with sushi is usually answered with a heartfelt “SAKI!!!!” But there was something about the gently throbbing lights and the glowing dildo centerpieces that made me want a martini.

Maria had an appropriately neon-green colored midori mimosa with the sexy name “MC2” but I rocked it Prohibition-era style with a “Yellow Sapphire,” a cucumber-infused, Smirnoff Citron-Twisted gin martini.

It was pretty tasty and definitely a good drink for a hot summer day.


4 oz Bombay Sapphire Gin
1 oz Smirnoff Citron Twist
Cucumber slices and lemon to garnish

If I were sunning on my roofdeck with some great sci-fi and my pooch I would amp it up into the following full drink version:

2 oz Bombay Sapphire
1 oz Stoli Limon
1 oz Cointreau
Balance with Lemon Italian Soda
Pour over ice and garnish with cucumber and lemon

And if I wanted to reminisce about glowing dildos and fantasize that I’m at the end of the universe I’d go with the nuclear meltdown version:

2 oz Bombay Sapphire
1 oz Blue Curaceo
Balance with lemonade
Garnish with amputated frog-legs